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Last Update - 08/01/2014

For years the Graduate School has published yearly reports on award funding. New enhancements in Excel 2010 have allowed us to create a dynamic spreadsheet, giving you the ability to generate your own charts, graphs, and tables real-time without the need for specialized software or query writing expertise. This tool displays all Extramural Award Funding for the campus over the past 10 years. Reports can be broken down by school/college down to the PI level.

There are some technical limitations in regards to utilizing these new features in Excel.

  • You must have Excel 2010 or 2013 installed to utilize the features of this spreadsheet.
  • Unfortunately these features are only available on PCs. (This is a Microsoft limitation.)

You can download this tool using the link below:

Frequently Asked Questions:

I was a co-PI on a project, why do I not get credit for award funding?

Due to limitations in the database that stores the funding data, currently only the submitting PI can be credited with award funding.

How do I break funding down by department?

Unfortunately, departmental data is not available for projects stored in the financial system that was in place through 2009. In order to consistently display 10 years of funding data, we had to omit the ability to break down data at the department level. If you are looking for departmental data, we suggest selecting only the PIs for your area, which will effectively emmulate departmental funding.

This seems to be only award data. Where can I see research expenditures?

Annual research expenditure data is still available in our Annual Extramural Data Report.

When will you make this tool available for Macs?

As of the latest version of Microsoft Office for Mac (2011) the features needed to make these dynamic reports have not been included by Microsoft. Until Microsoft includes these features into the Mac version of Office, the tool will only work on PCs. If you have a Mac and wish to see the data, you can do so using our Annual Extramural Data Reports.

How do I select multiple schools, regent categories, years, or PIs using the tool?

You can hold down the SHIFT key to select a contiguous range of multiple items in a list, or use the CTRL key to select multiple non-contiguous items.

Page last updated on: 10/06/2014

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