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Application Submission Deadlines

Graduate programs set their own fellowship application deadlines, which appear below.

Note: It's possible that deadlines will change, so please contact your program to verify its date.

Administrative Leadership 01/16/2015
Africology Contact Your Program
Anthropology Contact Your Program
Architecture - Architecture -- M.Arch. 01/15/2015
Architecture - Architecture -- M.S.Arch. 01/15/2015
Architecture - Architecture -- Ph.D. 01/15/2015
Art - Art -- M.A. 02/04/2015
Art - Art -- M.F.A. 02/04/2015
Art Education 02/04/2015
Art History 01/23/2015
Biological Sciences 01/19/2015
Biomedical and Health Informatics 02/06/2015
Biomedical Sciences 01/09/2015
Business Administration 12/23/2014
Chemistry Contact Your Program
Communication Contact Your Program
Communication Sciences and Disorders Contact Your Program
Computer Science Contact Your Program
Criminal Justice Contact Your Program
Cultural Foundations of Education Contact Your Program
Curriculum and Instruction Contact Your Program
Economics Contact Your Program
Educational Psychology Contact Your Program
Engineering - Computer Science 01/23/2015
Engineering - Industrial Engineering 02/06/2015
Engineering 01/23/2015
English - Creative Writing 12/15/2014
English - Literary Studies 12/15/2014
English 12/15/2014
Environmental and Occupational Health 01/15/2015
Environmental Health Sciences Contact Your Program
Exceptional Education Contact Your Program
Executive M.B.A. Contact Your Program
Freshwater Sciences - Professional Science 02/03/2015
Freshwater Sciences 01/20/2015
Geography 01/26/2015
Geosciences Contact Your Program
Health Care Informatics Contact Your Program
Health Sciences 01/23/2015
History Contact Your Program
Human Resources and Labor Relations Contact Your Program
Information Studies 01/16/2015
Kinesiology 01/09/2015
Language, Literature, and Translation Contact Your Program
Liberal Studies Contact Your Program
Library and Information Science 01/02/2015
Linguistics Contact Your Program
Management 12/23/2014
Management Science 12/23/2014
Mathematics - Atmospheric Science 01/30/2015
Mathematics - Mathematics 01/30/2015
Media Studies Contact Your Program
Music Contact Your Program
Nonprofit Management and Leadership Contact Your Program
Nursing Contact Your Program
Nursing Practice Contact Your Program
Occupational Therapy 01/09/2015
Performing Arts - Dance Contact Your Program
Performing Arts - Film Contact Your Program
Philosophy 01/16/2015
Physical Therapy Contact Your Program
Physics Contact Your Program
Political Science Contact Your Program
Psychology - Clinical Psychology -- Ph.D. 02/01/2015
Psychology - Experimental Psychology -- Ph.D. 02/01/2015
Psychology - Terminal Experimental Psychology 02/01/2015
Public Administration 01/30/2015
Public Health 01/15/2015
Social Welfare 02/02/2015
Social Work 01/20/2015
Sociology 01/10/2015
Spanish Contact Your Program
Sustainable Peacebuilding 01/31/2015
Urban Education Contact Your Program
Urban Planning 01/15/2015
Urban Studies 01/05/2015
Women's Studies Contact Your Program

The Graduate School currently offers three fellowships for full-time study, each with a monthly stipend for the academic year, coverage of in-state tuition and remission of out-of-state tuition (for students who are not residents of the State of Wisconsin), and eligibility for state-sponsored health insurance. Fellowship recipients are responsible for paying segregated fees.

  • The Distinguished Graduate Student Fellowship (DGSF) is for new and continuing UWM graduate students. The DGSF is a one-year, non-renewable fellowship. The academic-year stipend for 2015-2016 is $15,000. In addition, Fellowship recipients will benefit from a $1,000 travel award that will accompany each fellowship award. The money should be spent in accordance with UWM travel regulations by the end of the fiscal year following the year in which the fellowship award is held. The money will be spent on travel to present at a major national or international conference in the student's discipline. The DGSF is not open to doctoral students who will achieve dissertator status by the application deadline for the award.
  • The Distinguished Dissertation Fellowship (DDF) is for current UWM Ph.D. students who have either achieved dissertator status or will achieve dissertator status during the award year. The DDF is a one-year, non-renewable fellowship. The academic-year fellowship stipend for 2015-2016 is $16,500. In addition, recipients will benefit from a $1,000 travel award that will accompany each fellowship award.
  • The Advanced Opportunity Program (AOP) Fellowship for new and continuing qualified UWM graduate students who are:
    • Members of groups underrepresented in graduate study.
    • First-generation college graduates who were eligible for Pell Grants or considered "high financial need."
    • Students with disabilities.

The AOP is renewable. The academic-year fellowship stipend for 2015-2016 is $15,000. In addition, recipients will benefit from a $1,000 travel award that will accompany each fellowship award.

AOP fellowship applicants must be American citizens or permanent residents of the United States.

Note: Graduate School fellowship stipends count as financial aid.

Application Procedures and Selection Process

  • Application submission. The fellowship application and the letters of recommendation must be submitted online to the applicant's graduate program unit by the published application deadline.
  • Program unit evaluation. Following the application deadline, each unit evaluates all applications received, selects applicants for nomination, completes all nomination procedures, and forwards nominations to the campus-wide competition.
  • Selection process. For Distinguished Dissertation Fellowships and Distinguished Graduate Student Fellowships, the Graduate Faculty Committee's Subcommittee on Graduate Fellowships reviews campus-wide nominations and selects recipients. For AOP Fellowships, the Advanced Opportunity Program Fellowship Selection Committee reviews campus-wide nominations and selects recipients.
  • Award announcements. All nominees of the Distinguished Graduate Student Fellowship and Distinguished Dissertation Fellowship receive official written notification of fellowship award decisions from the Graduate Fellowship Office. All nominees of the Advanced Opportunity Program Fellowship receive official written notification of fellowship award decisions from the Graduate Diversity and Opportunities Program Office.

Fellowship Compliance

All fellowship recipients must be enrolled in a graduate degree program at UWM during the award period. Fellows must meet the Graduate School continuation requirements each semester and comply with the following Graduate Faculty Committee regulations:

  • Fellowship recipients must carry and complete a full load of 8-12 graduate credits each semester during the academic year and a minimum of 5 graduate credits if the fellowship is held during the summer session. Doctoral candidates who have attained dissertator status must carry three dissertator credits per semester.
  • Fellowship recipients may not hold any other fellowship or scholarship concurrently with a Graduate School award, with the exception of small monetary awards or the UWM Chancellor's Graduate Student Award.
  • Fellowship recipients may not accept full-time employment. University appointments (maximum of 25% TA, PA, or RA), or other student outside employment of up to 10 hours per week, are allowable.

Health Insurance

Fellows are eligible for health insurance benefits.

If you are interested in health insurance or other fringe benefits, you must apply within 30 days of your first contractual day in your initial UWM appointment. If a summer-session appointment is offered at the same time as a fall appointment, you must enroll within 30 days of the summer appointment. Contact the Benefits Office at benefits@uwm.edu for more information.

International students: Health and accident insurance is required of all international students attending UWM. Most international students purchase insurance from an insurance plan through CIE's International Student and Scholar Services. Please contact ISSS for information regarding an online application.


Applications for all Graduate School fellowships are online.

To find out what information is required without starting an online application, select the appropriate fellowship below

For more information about the Distinguished Graduate Student or Distinguished Dissertation fellowship, please contact the Graduate School at 229-7177 or fellowship@uwm.edu.

Please complete, save, and e-mail the AOP Request for Summer Funding application to aop-list@uwm.edu no later than March 31st.

For more information about the AOP fellowships and applications, contact Desere Liddell (uwm-fellowships-aop@uwm.edu, (414) 229-4085).

Page last updated on: 04/16/2015